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Classroom Champions CEO Steve Mesler Talks about his Education Community

What is a partner? To me, it’s the winning combination of mutual care and a shared goal that brought my team and I Olympic gold in bobsledding. It’s our team of experts helping to lift Classroom Champions to new heights. It’s the collection of teachers, administrators, athlete mentors, families –...

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New Year’s Resolutions from Ask, Listen, Learn!

For many, the start of a new year offers an opportunity to reflect, evaluate, and start fresh. The same goes for our Ask, Listen, Learn characters! Our brain parts have all made resolutions to work towards healthier and happier versions of themselves. Learn a bit about each character’s function and...

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My Life Suckers on New Year’s Resolutions

Oh, the New Year’s resolution. It starts as an innocent idea. One that manifests itself out of the “would’ve, could’ve, and should’ves” of the year that passed. It’s an idea that in theory should make you into a better mom, husband, parent, teacher, wife, friend, sister, brother (you get the idea). But then...

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Parents are the leading influence, but teachers have a front row seat

Parents are the biggest influence on whether pre-teens and teens decide to drink alcohol but teachers are important allies. Parents can make the most of this by asking teachers to give them a head’s up if they notice anything. Teachers have front row seats for the drama that is adolescence....

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Santa’s watching this holiday season, and so are your kids

Have you ever noticed that watching is a big part of the holidays? From the Elf on the Shelf keeping an eye on little ones to carols about how Santa Claus sees you when you’re sleeping, there’s a lot of observation going on this time of year. That includes our...

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We were featured in Education Week!

Our new resources were featured in Education Week today about the importance of alcohol education and the advantages of our digitally-accessible tools. The article by Marva Hinton details the importance of reaching kids at the middle school level to better equip them to say NO to alcohol when it presents itself....

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Happy Thanksgiving from Ask, Listen, Learn!

As we all shuffle between family and friends this Thanksgiving weekend – we think it’s important to take a second and say thanks to YOU for being the parents, educators or community members making the next generation of smart decision makers. It’s because of this lifetime of conversations that we...

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We’ve Launched New, Digital Resources!

TODAY we’re launching a new, cutting-edge, digital program for teachers, parents, school counselors, nurses, and more! This comprehensive, seven-part animated series and corresponding lesson plans are designed to teach kids about what the brain does, what alcohol does to it, and what THAT does to them. From 2003 to 2015,...

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