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Superstar update from George Allen

The Redskins have been in the news a lot during the off-season. RGIII’s injury, new players, salary cap drama…While I’m not on the field every week, I’m still keeping up with day-to-day updates while doing my best to stay ahead in school and sports.

I actually now feel like a role model more than ever since I’ve started driving! I know my younger sister looks up to me and I don’t want to mess up or get in trouble with my parents. I never want to lose my parent’s trust, so I try to make good decisions at every opportunity– and that includes avoiding situations with underage drinking.

I have so much going on with school, sports and volunteering with Relay for Life that I don’t have time for a setback! If I got in trouble my parents would take the keys away- and that wouldn’t be fun for anyone!

I hope to encourage all the kids on the Ask, Listen, Learn team to stay on track with their goals and find hobbies to keep you away from bad situations.


Just a few more months till training camp in Richmond- can’t wait to get back to work with my team! Go Skins!