George Allen

It's Always Football Season

George Allen is an equipment and video assistant for the Washington Redskins. In between home games, he lives a role-model lifestyle by keeping up with his school work, running cross country and playing basketball.

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George Allen is a sophomore at Langley High School and also works part-time for the Washington Redskins football team as an equipment and video assistant. His goal is to do really well in school and learn as much as he can while working with the Redskins in order to pursue a career in professional sports.

Each summer during the Redskins training camp, George helps in the equipment department performing odd jobs including organizing the locker room, setting up the field and doing massive loads of players’, coaches’ and trainers’ laundry. It’s grueling work and he said it makes him appreciate all the detail and coordination that goes into a NFL team. Luckily, he also gets to run routes with the offense and act as a receiver as the defense learns their plays.

The greatest thrill of helping the Redskins is George’s important job on game day. Every home game he is fortunate to assist the coaches with putting pictures in their Play Books so they can analyze the opposing team’s formations and plays. This task has no room for error and must be completed within seconds of each series.

Between helping at the Redskins and keeping up with Spanish and math homework, George also runs cross country, plays basketball, and is a proud member of DECA, a club that focuses on marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. Every year, he participates in Relay for Life to help raise funds for cancer research. This cause is very important to him and he prays they will find a cure soon.

George knows he is lucky to have this job with the Redskins, and he strives to be a role model to others in high school with a positive attitude on his teams and his commitment to getting good grades. He’s doing his best to succeed at his position in life and hopes the Redskins will always perform at their best too so they can all HAIL Victory!



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