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A PSA from the Raisman family: Talk to your kids about underage drinking

Though Aly Raisman is a gold medalist captain of the US Gymnastics Team, the Raisman family is not unlike many families in America- busy hustling four kids to school and sports practices while balancing healthy lifestyles. Lynn and Rick Raisman know how essential it is to talk to their kids about the importance of making good choices, and Aly knows that each choice she makes must be on track with her fitness goals.

Aly Raisman With Parents

While the availability of alcohol to underage youth has continued to decline for over a decade, as haslifetime alcohol consumption, parents must continue the conversation to protect their kids.  How do you keep your child on a path to success like Aly Raisman? Talk to them about the dangers of underage drinking. You may not think they’re paying attention, but 8 out of 10 youth site their parents as the leading influence on their decision to not drink.

Aly, Lynn and Rick have teamed up with Ask, Listen, Learn to encourage parents to take the first step to initiate the discussion with their kids about the dangers of underage drinking and the rewards of living a healthy lifestyle. Their PSA will premier during the Progressive Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular on NBC Sunday afternoon between 4-6pm EST. You can share this spot with your kids to jumpstart the conversation today!