Foundation For Advancing Alcohol Education

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Education is a 501c3 organization Created to further the leadership or in the classroom through teachers and education communities. FAAE brings experts together to develop and disseminate information and public awareness communications designed to educate adults and adolescents about alcohol responsibility and the dangers and negative consequences of underage drinking. has taken its educational programming, such as Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix to 6 countries, including the US and Canada, and has reached more than 140 million teachers, students and parents since its inception in 2004. The Education Foundation will support these programmatic efforts, execution of classroom workshops and allow for the betterment of each teacher interaction to ensure each of the Education Foundation’s program efforts have the opportunity to reach its full impact.

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Education has the highest commitment to further increase conversations about the dangers of underage drinking, with the hopes that it continues to lower the number of children that drink underage. Meet the members of the Educational Advisory Board here. 

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