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ALL with Congressman Danny Davis in Chicago

Today Ask, Listen, Learn travelled to the Windy City to spend some time with Congressman Danny Davis at Anna Langford Community Academy! The whole middle school at Anna Langford grades 6, 7, and 8 flooded into the auditorium to hear their Congressman talk about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and the dangers of underage drinking.  The Congressman also shared with the kids some of his tips for staying healthy which include drinking LOTS of water and avoiding drinking any alcohol.

After hearing Congressman Davis talk some lucky Anna Langford kids even had the chance to play the Ask Listen Learn game and take pictures with him! It was awesome day for the kids who were so excited to meet such a fabulous role model and also for Congressman Davis who talked about how important the kids in his district are to him. Congressman Davis loves spending time in all the Chicago Public Schools but he shared a fun fact about why he was especially excited to visit Anna Langford Academy. Turns out he was a close friend of the schools namesake Anna Langford — the first African American woman elected to the Chicago City Council!

While the Windy City was more like the Snowy City this time of year we had a fantastic time with ALL partner Congressman Davis and all the kids from Anna Langford. Great event and remember if you want to be as successful as Congressman Davis you need to say NO to underage drinking and YES to a healthy lifestyle!