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Are you “Fed Up”?

Fed Up Inc. educates kids on body image, self esteem and healthy living to prevent eating disorders.  They are creating social change to be healthier and love our bodies.

Based in Los Angeles, their goal is to help educate everyone on how media is created and encourage people to stop comparing themselves to these images.  They encourage people to be their best individual selves.  Their young people become Junior Ambassadors who are able to work hard to help promote a healthier and happier world as leaders of their peers.  Fed Up educates people on “no body bashing”, discouraging negative talk about a person’s body or food. Fed Up founder, Bridget Loves, has written for our blog on “the secret to a happy and healthy child.”

Now, students 13-18 are invited to apply to become Leaders to teach Fed Up Inc.’s Intro program to their very own Fed Up Group!  The possibilities are endless, but essentially Fed Up offers kids the opportunity to work as leaders, advocates and peer educators in their community.

Leaders will gain valuable experience, community service hours, great experience for their college resume and the opportunity to win prizes.

Fed Up is looking for some amazing highly motivated kids to bring this to their school this Fall.  They will be charged with finding an Adult Advisor who will assist them in running a solid program (and they will have our home office support as well).

If you know someone who is interested please contact Fed Up today!