Champions of their Future: April’s Impact from Steve Mesler

April was Alcohol Responsibility Month – check out what CEO & President of Classroom Champions had to say about the impact of hearing from Athlete Mentors about saying YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking.

“Classroom Champions teaches students to be the champions of their futures”

Whenever I was faced with a tough decision as a kid, I was lucky enough to hear the voices of my parents, teachers, and coaches encouraging me to make the right choice. At Classroom Champions, we are adding the voice of a mentor to the lives of thousands of kids in underserved schools across North America. In April, Alcohol Responsibility Month, those Olympic and Paralympic Athlete Mentors encouraged their students to say YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking. This is one of the many messages that will help our students build great futures for themselves.

Classroom Champions uses monthly video lessons and live video chats to connect our team of trained Athlete Mentors to thousands of kids. The Mentors talk with students about a monthly subject like goal setting, fair play, perseverance, and leadership. Over the course of the year students get to see their Athlete Mentor pursuing his or her own goals. The Mentors give the kids front row seats to witness their hard work, set backs, and successes. They teach the students to set goals and to passionately go after them. As the year progresses, the students and mentors develop a strong relationship.

When someone really believes in you, it changes everything. Teachers tell us that kids with attendance problems start coming to school every day because their Mentor told them that consistently working hard is the first step to greatness. In one school, students who used to have conflict on the soccer field have went months this year without any issues because their Mentor taught them about playing fair. A middle school class got their whole community involved in a food drive after their mentor taught them to give where they live. More than 16,000 cans were collected for the local pantry. Big things are happening because students are listening to their mentor’s voice, and because dedicated teachers are nurturing those relationships.

This April, we asked Mentors to talk to students about healthy living, and we asked the teachers to design projects around Ask Listen Learn materials and Alcohol Responsibility Month. As athletes, the Mentors know that success in all areas of life starts with having a body that is well fueled, well rested, active, and free of harmful substances. From the work I have seen, I know that the students heard their Mentors loud and clear that making healthy choices, including saying no to alcohol, will help them accomplish their big dreams.

Steve Mesler at Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Olympic Gold Medalist and President & CEO of Classroom Champions, Steve Mesler, talks with DC Classroom Champions students during’s annual Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day on Capitol Hill on April 23, 2015.

Steve Mesler, Olympic Gold Medalist, President & CEO of Classroom Champions.
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