Cook Time with Remmi: Back to School Snacks!

Our Superstar and long-time friend Remmi Smith from “Cook Time with Remmi” has been up to so much since the last time we caught up with her.

14-year-old Remmi Smith is star of “Cook Time with Remmi,” and “The Culinary Kid,” shows through which she encourages kids to take her “C.H.E.F. Challenge” to “cook healthy and exercise frequently”. Her goal is to show kids how to prepare a complete, healthy meal for their families so they can be the star cook in their kitchen! We love working with Remmi because she inspires kids just like you to be active and healthy.

Remmi has done a great video blog for Back to School season with awesome recipes – perfect for an after-school snack!! What do you like to eat after school? Find some healthy inspiration here!

Salsa Trio: Strawberry Salsa, Corn Salsa, Grape Salsa


¼ C Sweet onion(small dice)
1 Jalapeno pepper(minced)
1 Green and Red pepper each(medium dice)
½ Cucumber(medium dice)
½ C Cilantro leaves
1/2 C Orange juice
2 T Lime juice
2 T Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

2 T Parsley(sliced)

DIRECTIONS: Prepare ingredients as directed. In medium bowl place all of the ingredients for the “Salsa Base.”  Select which salsa you would like to make and add the ingredients posted below. Serve with baked corn chips.

Strawberry Salsa:
1 C Strawberries (quartered or large dice)
2/3 C Pineapple (medium dice/can use canned)

Corn Salsa:
3/4 C + 2 T Corn
2/3 C Avocados (medium dice) (optional)

Grape Salsa:
1 1/3 C Grapes (sliced in half)

Remmi’s Trail Mix

1 ½ C Pretzels(oven roasted)
Olive oil spray
2 C Popcorn
½ C Peanuts
½ C Cherries(dried)

DIRECTIONS: Place pretzels on baking sheet and spray with olive oil spray to coat. Place in 375 preheated oven for 15 minutes. Remove from oven and cool. In medium bowl place all ingredients and mix. Enjoy!

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