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Dare to trade up your chicken noodle for coconut?

Soup on a cold day is a beautiful thing. Why not change up your soup menu, and try one of the recipes below? We’ve chosen them because they are simple to make and are packed with healthy ingredients for the whole family.


Ward off the cold with some mushroom soup with ginger. Mushrooms are full of nutrients such as the B vitamins and potassium, while ginger not only has “warming” properties, it can also boost immune health.

Tip: Roasting or sautéing vegetables coax out and embolden the flavor of those vegetables before you add them to the soup pot.

For a creamier soup, try combining sweet potatoes and leeks with butter, milk, and spices. Sweet potatoes are full of vitamins A and C and fiber.


If you would like some meat with your soup, and the weather is relenting enough for you to go buy these more uncommon ingredients, experiment with this escarole and orzo soup, which contains turkey meatballs and chunks of vegetables.

Craving a sweet soup? Go loco with coco(nut)! This coconut and tapioca soup combines different textures into a unique creamy dessert.


Do you have any other soups that you enjoy cooking up for your family on a cold night? Share your recipes below!

Photos: Escarole and orzo soup,  Sweet potatoesCoconut