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My Life Suckers on New Year’s Resolutions

Oh, the New Year’s resolution. It starts as an innocent idea. One that manifests itself out of the “would’ve, could’ve, and should’ves” of the year that passed. It’s an idea that in theory should make you into a better mom, husband, parent, teacher, wife, friend, sister, brother (you get the idea). But then reality hits, there wasn’t enough time in 2016 to do these things, and 2017 didn’t bring an extra few hours in your day – so, alas.

But don’t worry! Because you’re a great mom, husband, parent, teacher, wife, friend… (you get the idea) already! A lot happens in a parent’s day – and it’s important to remember the little moments over the year that made a big impact. Every conversation you had with your kids, every time you made a smart decision in front of them, every time you were kind, appreciative, or warm to others – your kids was there. They noticed. Your kids see more than you realize, and you’re making an impact on them whether you intended to or not!

Deva Dalporto of My Life Suckers was back at it with the parody videos this resolution-filled season, and we’re happy she’s taking note of all the day-to-day action items that make resolutions… hard! Deva teamed up with our #TalkEarly teamJennifer Borget, Casey Brown, Charlie Capen, Jenni Chiu, Laura Fuentes, Whit Honea, Jill Krause, Anna Luther, Jen Mann, Julie Miner, Sili Recio, Christine Young and Dr. Deborah Gilboa to make this awesome video about what resolutions really matter for parents – raising healthy, happy kids! Check out her own post about it or watch the video below!

Happy New Year!