Distance Learning from Ask, Listen, Learn and Our Partners

More and more schools across the country are shifting to online learning options to support the efforts to “flatten the curve.” As our world changes, educators and organizations large and small are trying to get educational resources to kids at home; so far the outpouring of support and care has been uplifting to say the least. Educators and caregivers are really stepping up to the plate and the focus on community is a ray of sunshine during these uncertain times.

As you know, we value you as part of our community, and we are more than happy to have you use and share our videos, activities and resources with your peers, on your Facebook Groups, and with your friends.

Some of our close partners in education also have special resources available. Take a look! Put those minds to work in a new way. If you have a favorite resource for your kids or students, please let us know so we can share with the rest of our community!

Our friends at Classroom Champions have several resources at the ready for educators, parents, and kids that will keep their minds active. Using exciting interactions with athletes from the U.S. and Canada, these materials are sure to be a welcomed change of pace for the whole family! Classroom Champions has made the following available: A complete Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Foundations curriculum, a parent toolkit, and a selection of “Mindful Minute” videos featuring Olympic, Paralympic, and professional athletes.

Classroom Champions will also go live each day at 12PM EST on their Facebook page! Watch as Classroom Champion athlete mentors teach lessons, read books aloud, share exercises and workouts, and answer questions from students. This is an awesome series for people of all ages!

Our partner Discovery Education has no-cost digital resources to help teachers, parents and students during this time to maintain the continuity of learning and equip communities with educational resources on what the COVID-19 virus is, information on how infectious diseases spread, and essential guidelines for staying healthy. The educational content on the coronavirus is available immediately on the Viruses and Outbreaks Channel.

The videos and lesson plans that Ask, Listen, Learn created in partnership with Discovery Education—including our interactive Digital Exploration—are also available at www.DiscoverBrainBodyBehavior.com. These materials take kids on a journey (along with swimming champion Nathan Adrian!) to learn about their developing brains and bodies, and how underage drinking can negatively affect their development and behavior. They are fun to access and perfect for independent at-home learning.

Our partners at ASCA are providing free and helpful resources to plan for virtual school counseling. In addition, they are offering professional development webinars free to nonmembers through May. If you’re a school counselor navigating this new reality, which is hard on many of our kids, ASCA’s material is a great place to start exploring.

Finally, Leticia Barr, parent of two, middle school educator, and member of our Educational Advisory Board shared these five tips on managing screen time during coronavirus. This is great advice for handling balance in this new environment.

We know that parents and caregivers are working hard to keep kids busy while remaining productive. Be kind to yourselves—you are doing a great job! Remember that it’s OK for kids to be bored. It’s OK to let them watch movies. It’s OK to give them a little more screen time for games, shows, and activities. It’s all part of helping kids to understand balance in this uncertain time.

We hope that you find these resources useful, helpful, and a welcomed change of pace. Which one are you going to use first?