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Easy Lifestyle Changes for a Healthier You in the New Year


Getting enough sleep can boost your metabolism and immune system and make you more alert and ready to conquer your day. The National Sleep Foundation recommends adults get 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

More details on the proven benefits of a good night’s sleep:


No more soda or sugary drinks. These empty calories give you no nutritional value and the carbonation can make you bloated as well. Strive to drink more water for a healthier hydration level.

Check out this calculator to determine how much water you should drink each day according to your body weight:

Walk More

Take the stairs, park in a far-away spot or plan a daily walk during your lunch break to get your blood flowing.

Reader’s Digest came up with a list of 12 easy ways to get your feet moving more often throughout the day.

Stay Young

Participate in your kids’ daily play. Not only will they love it, it’ll keep you active and feeling young too.

The Ask, Listen, Learn Team wishes everyone a very happy, healthy, and active 2011!