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Quick Cure for Cabin Fever

The mid-Atlantic was hit with record snow in January, testing the limits of any parent’s ability to keep it together during snow days. What begins as cozy, family time can quickly unravel into sibling battles, endless loads of laundry from the extra layers required for sledding and around the clock cooking and cleaning up.

Snowstorms aside, winter is a trying time to manage healthy habits for everyone since the abundance of comfort foods and challenging weather can impede fitness resolutions.

As members of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF), we encourage busy families to check out their Together Counts™ program.  The free resources for teachers and parents support fitness and nutrition education goals and can inspire everyone to get moving even when you’re stuck inside.

Healthy decisions are important ALL year-round! Don’t let the cold hold you hostage, check out these engaging activities that let you take advantage of the family-time the winter weather brings.

Make February your month to regroup and recharge. When everybody cries “I’m bored!” get started with four fun indoor challenges!

  1. Family wall sit challenge! If you haven’t done a wall sit exercise before, check it out and demonstrate for your family. Line everyone up or take turns with the stop watch and see if everyone can hold the position for 10 seconds. Then 20. Then one minute! It’s fun and easy and can build core strength over time.
  1. Balloon volleyball challenge! Grab a balloon and keep it in the air without tapping it more than once. Count each successful hit and try to get to 50.
  1. Athlete charades challenge! Give charades a sporty spin with athletic movies. “Ride a horse,” “throw a touchdown pass,” “win match point,” or “swim in the Olympics.” Everyone gets a turn creating a mini interval workout. Check out our list of Superstars for ideas!
  1. Yoga challenge! Think yoga doesn’t get the blood flowing? Think again. It can build strength, and balance and holding poses is hard. Even the younger members of your family can practice simple yoga poses like vrksasana or “tree pose.” Stand, balance and practice raising your arms to the sky, then raise one leg. Swaying from side to side like a tree in the wind is a fun and challenging balance activity. Get step by step instructions here.

If being active and healthy is important to you, share the news with your school they could apply for a grant to make healthy changes. New playgrounds, grants and gear in amounts from $2,500 all the way to $30,000 are transformative incentives and can rally communities to get involved. Learn more when you visit and join the conversation on Facebook.

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