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Fitness for Kids Who Don’t Like Sports

Team sports aren’t for everyone. Some kids dislike the stretchy pant-material used in baseball little league. Still others may be a little bit clumsy or have trouble with rule-based games.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to stay active that don’t require playing a sport. If you’re leading a large group of younger kids, try simple, non-competitive games. These will help kids active while fostering a positive, nurturing environment that will help kids who are less self-assured to get active and stay active. Check out this list of fun non-competitive games.

There are also plenty of more solitary sports kids can get involved in. Sports such as swimming and skating offer kids a chance to do something just for them!

Physical fitness offers kids an important outlet for dealing with stress, and helps them stay focused and alert in the classroom. Disliking sports should not be a deterrent to staying active!