Holiday Conversations & Responsibility. They start with Me & YOU.

The holidays are a time for family, friends, get-togethers, and gratefulness. They are also a time for conversations with your kids and modeling responsible behavior. Talking to your kids about family values, expectations, and being mindful and balanced before, during, and even after holiday events are both important and valuable.   

Here are three things to keep in mind when starting conversations with your kids this holiday season: 

  1. Keep the conversations simple—remind your kids that saying NO to underage drinking and making healthy choices are part of your family’s values and expectations.  
  1. If your kids see something—such as someone overconsuming alcohol—that’s a critical time to have a conversation about balance, decision-making, and how alcohol affects the developing brain.  
  1. If you plan to host people for the holidays—model responsible behaviors in front of your kids such as drinking responsibly yourself, serving plenty of food, and having non-alcoholic beverages available.  

As parents, we have the responsibility to make the most of this time—keeping everyone safe and sound. Our Ask, Listen, Learn resources are here to help you get the conversations with your kids flowing.  

Season’s greetings from the Ask, Listen, Learn, Team