We hopped around D.C. with Ashley Wagner today!

How did we spend our Monday? By watching the President and First Lady along with our Superstar Ashley Wagner say YES to a healthy lifestyle at the 136th White House Easter Egg Roll!

While on the South Lawn, we heard from our Nation’s leaders about the importance of being healthy; as the theme for this year was “Hop into Healthy, Swing into Shape.” Ashley spent the beautiful Washington day with fans and Easter-egg rollers alike, representing Ask, Listen, Learn’s mission of “saying YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking.” First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama spoke to the thousands of eager ears on the Lawn on the importance of being active; nobody has a better grasp on the positive benefits of staying on a healthy path like Ashley! She interacted with kids and got to really talk with fans about what can happen when you don’t let peer pressures like underage drinking get in your way of your dreams.

“I love getting the opportunity to talk with kids and deliver this message face-to-face,” said the two-time National Champion and Olympic Medalist Ashley Wagner. “How you treat your body is so important and imperative to your success as not only an athlete, but a successful, driven young person.”

The rest of the day was spent with students from Arlington Science Elementary School explaining to their students the importance of saying ‘NO’ to underage drinking. Ashley answered questions from the kids and spoke of her personal experience warding off peer pressures in order to get achieve her goals. Among the other attendees was Senator Barbara Favola (D-VA), Delegate Patrick Hope (D-VA) and Joe Montano from Senator Tim Kaine’s (D-VA) office.

“When you’re an athlete, your body is a machine,” Ashley explained to the students of Arlington Science. “You want the ultimate machine, so you want to take care of it. So I made a lot of important decisions. I ate my fruits and veggies, I drank a lot of water and, when the time came, I said no to underage drinking.”

How do you say ‘NO’ to underage drinking? During Alcohol Awareness Month, be mindful of what sort of peer pressures come your way and what you can do to stay focused on your goals. Ashley wouldn’t be where she is today without the ability to be confident in her smart decisions and she urges YOU to be the best you can be.