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IKnowEverything brings Teen Driver Safety to Nashville

While we know many of our Ask, Listen, Learn parents have middle school kids, you may have young drivers in your family as well. This week, The Century Council showcased the IKnowEverything teen driver safety program at the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) annual leadership conference in Nashville, TN! At our exhibit, we visited with youth from all across the country and talked with them about our program. We encouraged them to visit and follow us on TwitterFacebook and Pinterest. They also told us what they know about teen driver safety, and FCCLA students sure know a lot!

We also asked youth about the most important tips for teens to know about safe driving. An overwelming number of them answered, “Never drink and drive!”

Youth workshop leader, Jill Esplin, also told us about her advice for parents on teen driver safety.

Finally, we conducted our very own youth workshop as part of FCCLA’s Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety (FACTS) program, and asked teens to come up with their own teen driver safety program that they could take back to their chapters and schools at home. There were some very creative ideas that you may end up seeing at a school near you!