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Join our new ambassadors- take the pledge!

As part of our efforts to keep kids safe and alcohol free, we have expanded our list of ambassadors of the Ask, Listen, Learn team to empower kids to “Say ‘YES’ to a healthy lifestyle and ‘NO’ to underage drinking.”  The ambassadors excel in their selected paths and attribute some of their success to saying NO to underage drinking.

While parents are still the leading influence in a kids’ decision not to drink alcohol, athletes and positive role models also hold weight in encouraging kids in making healthy decisions.  Our variety ofSuperstars encourage kids to join over 700,000 other kids that have signed the pledge committing to a healthy lifestyle.

The newest addition to the Ask, Listen, Learn Superstar team includes:

    • Bryan Clay, two-time decathlon medalist and regarded as the “World’s Greatest Athlete”
    • Rebecca Soni, breaststroke world champion and gold medalist swimmer
    • Remmi Smith, star of “Cook Time with Remmi,” and “The Culinary Kid”

We urge kids to visit throughout the month of April in celebration of Alcohol Awareness month.  We’ve got three new educational games for you to play, the above Superstars to read about, and the option to ‘Apolocize’ yourself and become the Most Decorated US Winter Olympian. 

Parents, you still play the largest role in your childs’ decision not to drink alcohol.  Visit for tips on how to start the conversation with your kids.  Start talking with your kids early about the risks of underage drinking as a key way to prevent them from drinking alcohol underage.

Join the ranks and take the pledge to “Say ‘YES’ to a healthy lifestyle and ‘NO’ to underage drinking.”