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#JointheConvo with the Raisman family for Alcohol Awareness Month

During April for Alcohol Awareness Month, we encourage other parents to take the time to talk with their kids.  While the availability of alcohol to underage youth has continued to decline for over a decade, as has lifetime alcohol consumption, parents must continue the conversation to protect their kids.

How do we fit in a conversation about underage drinking? We’ve included an interview here on how we have talked with our kids about underage drinking and how the conversation has progressed from one kid to the next.  Talk with your kids about the dangers of underage drinking. You may not think they’re paying attention, however, Parents (89%) and kids (83%) agree that PARENTS are the leading influence on kids’ decisions not to drink alcohol.

We are like any other modern family out there. We deal with the same hustle and bustle of running a household and making sure all of our kids get their homework done, make it to sport practices, and work daily to set a foundation for success through positive modeling and encouragement.  We are proud of all of our kids and recognize the importance of taking time to talk with our kids about the tough conversations surrounding making healthy choices, including saying no to underage drinking.

#JoinTheConvo in the month of April to prevent underage drinking and comment back on this blog on how your discussions went with your kids.