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Let’s end National Nutrition Month with words from Ashley Wagner!

Let’s wrap up this National Nutrition Month with a message from our Superstar Ashley Wagner! This Two-time National Champion and Olympic Medalist wants to clue you in on her tips to healthy living. The videos are posted on our Instagram @Ask_Listen_Learn, but also on @Bella_iDECIDE‘s! Visit our friends at iDECIDE and see what other great materials they have for parents and teens! If you didn’t know, iDECIDE is a program to embolden youth to follow role models such as Disney Star Bella Thorne to make responsible decisions. Whether it is in regard to alcohol or not, iDECIDE empowers teens to be confident in their decisions to not underage drink and ward off peer pressures when maybe it’s not the most popular decision.

Talk to your friends about ways to stay healthy. To end National Nutrition month, try grabbing a water instead of a soda, take the stairs instead of the escalator. Be the best you can be by feeling good on the inside-out. Talk with your friends about how to keep up with your growing bodies. Fuel yourselves with nutrients and also the knowledge you need to be healthy and active!