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Mallory Weggeman overcame adversity to win

We’re proud to work with many top-notch athletes as our Ask, Listen, Learn Superstars. Their drive and determination inspires us and over a million kids who have pledged to live a healthy lifestyle.

Mallory Weggemann is one of those Superstars. Mallory swam in the Paralympics that ended just a few short days ago. Just one night prior to the Paralympic Games opening ceremonies, Mallory’s classification was challenged by an opposing team and subsequently changed. She went from swimming in a pool with people who had no use of their legs to a pool where the swimmers had most if not all use of their legs.

Despite the new challenge on the eve of the Games, Mallory continued on with her training and never gave up. Her coaches, family, and team all worried that the mental blow paired with the fact that she was now swimming next to swimmers who had use of their legs would shatter her dreams of winning a Paralympic medal. That turned out not to be the case at all as Mallory not only overcame the odds stacked against her to win a medal, but she claimed the gold medal in the 50m Freestyle. She wasn’t ready to call it a day at that point though. Mallory was scheduled to be the anchor on a 4×100 meter relay team. When it came time for Mallory to jump in the pool the team was in 5th place, by the end of the race she had won the team a bronze medal and was .18 seconds away from winning the gold.

We couldn’t be more proud of Mallory and all that she has accomplished. She took a bad situation and literally turned it into a golden opportunity.