Download this material to communicate 3 valuable lessons about community involvement and perseverance.

Goal: In this lesson, students will explore the importance of perseverance, or never giving up.
Students will discover that perseverance is necessary for accomplishing personal goals, as well as community goals.

Time required: 45 minutes

Materials required: What Does It Take to Be a Champion? student magazine; paper; pen or pencil

Getting Started

Ask students if they have ever had a goal that required perseverance. If necessary, remind them that “perseverance” means never giving up, even in the face of difficulty. Many daily activities, such as homework or exercise, not to mention long-term goals, such as learning to play a musical instrument, require perseverance. Perseverance is key to accomplishing goals because there are always a million reasons to quit. Perhaps the task is difficult, or perhaps there are distractions. But telling yourself that you’ll never give up keeps you focused on the objective and working on it every day.


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