National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week 2024

Today marks the start of National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week, and this year we want to celebrate the progress we have made together towards eliminating underage drinking. Over the last 20 years, more kids are saying “NO” than ever before—with more than 6 out of 10 kids having never consumed alcohol. That’s a record low! Conversations work, and kids are making informed decisions, but our work is not done.

This week is a perfect opportunity to have a conversation with kids to keep them alcohol-free. Ask, Listen, Learn’s free resources are ideal for starting and continuing conversations about alcohol and the negative effects of underage drinking and cannabis on their developing brains. These conversations make a big difference in helping kids form healthy habits and coping mechanisms, and they help build lines of communication for even more conversations to come! Check out these 5 facts to guide you in your conversations. Remember to tag @Ask_Listen_Learn and use the hashtag #NDAFW to show your support in keeping our youth substance-free.


Parents, educators, and school administrators, keep up the great work! When conversations go up, underage drinking goes down. Knowing the facts is important when having these conversations, and it will make a difference when empowering kids to say “YES” to a healthy lifestyle and “NO” to underage drinking and underage cannabis use. Want to keep the conversation going? Use our lesson plan on the brain or check out our page for parents.

Ask, Listen, Learn

For more than a decade the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week educational campaign has been working with State-based partners and like-minded organizations to share NIDA’s science-based resources in hopes they find them useful and engaging. For more information, please visit NIDA’s National Drugs and Alcohol Facts Week page.