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“Ohmygosh, not again” & other responses to the ‘underage drinking’ talk

“Katie, I want to have a talk with you about drinking.”

“Ohmygosh, not again. Do we have to?”

Sound familiar? Let’s talk about Dr. Wolf, a Clinical Psychologist and Best-selling Author, who has helped parents and teens communicate for decades with his extensive research and candid advice. His work has reached thousands and now, we’re reaching you. His blog, “Parents do make a difference” explains the importance of your words about drinking. Persistence, he says, is key.

The trick is to push ahead despite their apparent lack of enthusiasm. Do not be deterred. Despite how it may seem, they do hear, and surprisingly your words do sink in. They may not always agree, they may not always follow your advice, but your words are in their heads.” – Dr. Wolf

What have you said around your kids lately? Talking to your kids in a respectable, adult-like manner that ignites a conversation, not an argument, is what’s important to take away. If they’re open with you, getting upset isn’t going to help them open to you in future conversations. Be there to talk with them about why underage drinking is harmful.

Read more about what Dr. Wolf has to say about parenting teens. He has various blogs about how to talk with your kids about saying NO to underage drinking. Thank you, Dr. Wolf, for providing such insight when maybe we aren’t sure what to say!