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Parents: Be Leaders!

Last week we posted about Youth Leadership Month, but did you know February is also National Parent Leadership Month?

It’s a fact that parents are the leading influence when it comes to their child’s decision whether or not to drink alcohol. You may think their peers, teammates and teachers in school have a greater impact, but in reality it’s the conversations at home that really resonate with youth.

Lynn and Rick Raisman, parents of our Superstar Aly Raisman, know how important it is to talk to their four kids about the dangers of underage drinking and the rewards of staying on track with a healthy lifestyle. Aly knows she wouldn’t be where she is today if she had chosen to drink alcohol underage in middle school. That’s why the Raisman family joined Ask, Listen, Learn for this PSA.

We encourage all parents to be leaders and start the conversation about underage drinking with your children. Use this PSA as a starting point and visit our parent’s resource page for tips on establishing your values and talking to your kids about ways to say NO to underage drinking.