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Prepare for a winter storm

The DC area has yet to get ice or snow this year, but the Farmer’s Almanac predicts there could be some huge storms coming to the East Coast. No matter where you and your family live this winter, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for a storm or power outages!

Have these items on hand:

    • Shovels, rock salt, sand
    • Water
    • Flashlights, candles, matches
    • Canned food, can opener, snack food, food and water for your pets
    • Blankets, warm clothes
    • Any prescription medications you may need if you can’t get to the pharmacy

Prevent damage to your home:

    • Clean out gutters and leaves/debris around basement windows or doors to prevent flooding
    • Cut away tree branches leaning toward your house
    • Allow your faucets to drip a little during really cold weather to prevent freezing

Only a few more months of winter for us to endure! For more tips visit