Access Our Program Evaluation and Executive Summary!

The questions we get most often from educators are, “Is this program evidence-based?” and “Has it been evaluated?” We’ve been listening to our community, and now the answer is YES. We’re thrilled to share our evaluation results with you.

Overall, this evaluation of Ask, Listen, Learn has demonstrated it as an effective program in increasing students’ knowledge concerning brain function and how their developing brains process and are affected by alcohol.

Key findings from the program evaluation include:

  1. Ask, Listen, Learn empowers kids to make smart decisions in the future. Eighty-six percent of students agreed that “this class has given me enough information to help me make good decisions in high school about drinking.”
  2. Ask, Listen, Learn increases conversations between kids and adults by 51%! Results how a strong and consistent increase in communications between students and adult family members as a result of the curriculum.
  3. Students gain critical knowledge on how alcohol affects the developing brain through Ask, Listen, Learn. Seventy-four percent of students believe they could effectively explain to a friend how drinking alcohol affects the brain.

Read the FULL executive summary!  Evaluation highlights are also available for you to enjoy.

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer and we will see you in the classroom!