Responsibility Starts with Me: Steve Mesler

Classroom Champions President and CEO Steve Mesler weighs in on how responsibility #StartsWithMe. Check out how his decisions, healthy choices and sense of responsibility shaped his role today as Olympian and CEO. 

I learned about personal responsibility from my parents and teachers to be sure, but I learned some of the biggest lessons in this area through sport. Like many athletes, I wanted to share those mindsets, habits and skills with the next generation. It is my firm belief that what I gained from years working with others and challenging myself as an athlete can help young people accomplish their own dreams, whatever they may be.

From that belief, Classroom Champions was born. Now we have Olympians and Paralympians acting as mentors across North America and the Caribbean bringing those lessons we Olympians learned from sport into classrooms and schools where thousands of kids are creating bright futures for themselves.

For example, during all the years I spent jumping into a bobsled with three other guys and hurtling down the track at higher than freeway speeds, I knew that I had to do my part every single day to contribute to the success of the team. If I chose not to fulfill my responsibility, it would have a negative impact on me and on others. In short, we would fail. We would not reach our full potential or meet our goals. Everyone else on my team had the same exact mentality, and that’s what made us successful.

Our mentors and teachers have conversations with their students all the time about how deciding to do the right thing — being responsible — can effect the kids’ paths in life. They do their best to teach kids the importance of personal responsibility in academics, in social situations and in working with others.

I value and appreciate Classroom Champions’ partnership with because of their commitment to helping each individual with decision making. Whether it be parents, kids, teachers or young adults; it’s critical for everyone to realize the potential impact they could have on the world by simply making responsible choices.

Responsibility Starts with Me. When a person makes good decisions, they are their own biggest champion.

Steve Mesler is a 3-time U.S. Olympian and Gold Medal recipient during the 2010 Olympics.

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