Responsibility Starts with “YES”!

As Alcohol Responsibility Month comes to a close, we want to take time to celebrate the conversations that have taken place, the modeling of responsible behaviors that you have showcased, and the ways in which you have empowered kids to say “NO” to underage drinking.

An astounding number of kids are staying alcohol-free, and the more we normalize saying “NO” to underage drinking, the more progress we will make together to eliminate underage drinking.

We don’t, however, only want to focus on the “NO.” As parents and educators, it’s our responsibility to help kids feel energized, optimistic, and excited to say “YES.” Here are a few things that kids can say “YES” to as we make our way into the final weeks of school and prepare for summer.

SAY “YES” to a special treat!

Whether it is enjoying a scoop of ice cream or allowing students to pick their own seats one day in class, everyone needs a special treat now and then.

SAY “YES” to taking a break!

Kids are busy bees, and sometimes they need to take a breather. Allow them to sleep in or give them a homework-free night to enjoy some unscheduled free time.

SAY “YES” to positive self-talk!

When kids get down, words of affirmation can be a great pick-me-up! Confident, self-assured kids are more prepared to tackle challenges and make good choices.

Say “YES” to a healthy lifestyle!

That means staying alcohol- and substance-free so they can thrive, reach goals, and have fun being kids. Ask, Listen, Learn resources are always available to get the conversations started!

Thank you for all you do for kids—they are making good decisions, starting conversations, and developing skills to help them become amazing, responsible young adults.