Erin Hamlin


  • 2014 Olympic Bronze Medal
  • 2009 World Championships
  • 2006 Winter Olympics


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U.S. Olympic Luge athlete, Erin Hamlin talks about her journey as an athlete. From training during the off-season, to her ability to maintain healthy friendships at a young age, Erin answers questions about her healthy lifestyle.

Being in the Olympics/Paralympics must be stressful! How do you mentally prepare to do something like that?

Because I spend pretty much everyday preparing for big events like the Olympics, I do everything I can to be as ready as possible. It still always brings a little bit of stress, but after training so hard for so long, I just always tell myself I can do it and this is what I’ve put all the hard work in for. Also, as much as it feels like such a bigger competition of event, I try to break it down to racing against the same people, doing the same thing I do every day!

How does belonging to Classroom Champions help in the real world?

As an athlete mentor it definitely inspires me!! I have the opportunity to share my story, interact with more people from all over and hopefully encourage them to achieve greatness. For the students, I think it gives such a positive influence in everyday life. It makes us seem like normal people who were kids just like them, had struggles just like they do but we have accomplished so much so why can’t they? Practicing great things like eating healthy and learning how to set goals are things the students can carry with them forever, leading to success in careers and their adult lives as well. For me, they are constant reminders to practice what I preach!

What kind of goals do you set for yourself while you are training?

I always have smaller, short term goals like lift a little bit more weight, make my starts a little bit faster next training session, drink x-amount of water this week, things like that. Then I have medium-term goals, I guess, for the entire off season. Usually only a 1-3 that I want to have accomplished going into the season. Obviously every competition season I have an idea of where I want to finish, so things like, be top ten every week, or finish top 5 overall are examples of in-season goals I have had. Making the next Olympic team is sort of the umbrella goal that lingers in your mind throughout all of this. It is something that cannot possibly happen right now, but everything I am doing is inevitably building up to that moment.

When you were a young athlete, what were your biggest challenges off "the field"? In particular, how did you decide to say “no” to underage drinking?

I was always very shy and didn’t necessarily always stand up as an individual. I had my group of friends and just sort of went with the flow. Looking back there were definitely times I wish I was more of my own person, but overall I think when it came down to it I had great role models in my parents and had big aspirations as an athlete. Knowing the opportunities I had in my sport were so much bigger and cooler than any situation I could be a part of then with drinking. The risks involved were nowhere near worth it.

How do you stay active during the off season?

I train at least 5 days a week, specifically for my sport. Other than that I love doing just about anything outside. Biking, hiking, SUP boarding, horseback riding, kayaking…my family has always been very active and adventurous so it is always easy to find somebody to do fun things with!

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Erin Hamlin says YES to a healthy lifestyle!

Treat your body well now, and always

Knowing the opportunities I had in my sport were so much bigger and cooler than any situation I could be a part of then with drinking. The risks involved were nowhere near worth it.
Erin Hamlin

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