Teagan Stedman

Shredding for the Cure!

Teagan is Chairman and founder of Shred Kids’ Cancer, a charitable organization dedicated to kids fighting kids’ cancer with huge events like “Shredfest” and Rock the Run. Teagan has been writing, recording and performing music with his rock band around L.A. for 3 years.

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Four years ago I found out my friend had cancer. I wanted to do more than ask “are you going to be ok?” all the time. I wanted to help and I wanted to get a lot of kids involved in helping too. I founded Shred Kids’ Cancer, a charity that lets kids try and do something for these other kids who are suffering. Its a way to make the kids who have cancer know that we are here for them and show them we care and give them strength, plus raise needed funds for pediatric cancer reearch.

Every day 46 kids are diagnosed with cancer. While my friend is doing fine now, there are many still suffering and could use some peer support and help. Shred Kids’ Cancer is a 501c3 non-profit public charitable organization dedicated to serving our community by offering a solution for kids to help fight kids’ cancer and show their peers who are suffering that they are here to help them. Kids can use their creativity (especially with music) and organization skills (with the guidance of adults) to make a difference by raising funds to support research that leads to improving the care, quality of life and survival rate of children with cancer.

We realize there are many non-profit organizations that raise money for cancer research, Shred Kids’ Cancer offers a unique opportunity for kids to actively help their peers battling cancer. It allows us a chance to feel that we are doing something. Kids are involved in many ways: They are involved behind the scenes in the corporate world (with five kids on the board of directors), kids run bone marrow drives, create and update the website, social media sites, create flyers, create iphone apps, hold and run board meetings, write letters and power point presentations, spread the word with media, meet with business owners, present and speak to other community based charities (like City Year LA and Boys Team Charity), try and get celebrities to participate, obtain auction items, help run the events and finally with kid participants involved in providing the entertainment for the events.

Our main events are fundraisers: one we call “Shredfest”, held in Spring, where kids battle cancer with a battle of the bands, and another is a 5K event called Rock the Run held in Fall. We have corporate sponsors, celebrity judges, a silent auction and lots of kids participating to raise money for the cure. We also have bone marrow drives and other events such as Shredflip (jump on a wall and floor of trampolines at Sky High Sports arena), Shredfeast (diners visit a restaurant to eatand proceeds go to the cure) and Shredcamp (a bootcamp exercise class benefiting pediatric cancer research) and we recently went to Vans Warped Tour 2012 to spread the shred!

We have been lucky to have others present fundraising concerts benefiting Shred Kids’ Cancer including one in England as well as other fundraisers like a theater group performing a reading of Keemo The Archer. We also have original Shred Kids’ Cancer items created like a children’s book and Survival Bracelets – Shredstraps, with proceeds going to Shred Kids’ Cancer.




Shredfest 4

Whole Lotta Love at Shredfest 4

Shredfest 3 Battle of the Bands

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