Team Future


Team Future is the world’s youngest skydiving team from Hollywood, California.

Learn More About Kayla and Justin

Kayla Tinucci (age 15) and Justin Tinucci (age 12) are the sister and brother skydiving team that make up Team Future. They practice Freefly and formation skydiving, though they would identify themselves as “freeflyers.” The advantage of practicing in a wind tunnel is that it is possible to master many jumps-worth of skill in one 10 to 20 minute session, without having to worry about landing or a parachute. That said, Kayla and Justin both definitely want to try skydiving when they are legally allowed at age 18!

Team Future has competed internationally, but their most recent win was at a National Competition in Arizona.  They competed against world champion adult skydivers in the wind tunnel and took first place in the professional category.

In addition to being part of Team Future, Kayla also plays soccer on a club team and her high school team and volunteers at Help the Children, which alleviates the suffering of children and families around the world.

Justin loves skateboarding, playing electric guitar, acting, traveling, and anything “daring.”

The goal of Team Future is to help gain recognition for indoor skydiving and skydiving in general and they hope to encourage other young flyers to try it out!  Kayla and Justin were the first kid team in the world, but now others are emerging and competing too.

Team Future wants to send the message that anything is possible (even flying!) if you set your mind to it!




Team Future's Artistic Routine

Anything is possible (even flying!) if you set your mind to it!

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