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Thank you, Emerson Middle School!

Today the Ask, Listen, Learn team was at Emerson Middle School in Los Angeles, CA with Superstar Bryan Clay. Even though the rainy weather delayed the assembly a little, the 300 students were happy to play our Xavix game and answer questions about healthy lifestyle choices.

Bryan spoke about the importance of making good decisions while you’re young in all aspects of life because what you do now affects who you’ll be when you’re older. He explained that he had a tough life growing up in Hawaii without much inspiration to be anything but a convenience store cashier, but he soon found passion to be something greater when he started running track.

The students had a ton of questions for Bryan about the Olympics and what he was like in middle school, but the one that really delighted the crowd was when a young boy asked Bryan, “What’s the BEST decision you’ve ever made?” Bryan replied, “Marrying my wife.”…Awww!

Thank you to Bryan and Emerson Middle School for a great event today! We hope all the students remember to make good decisions by saying YES to a healthy lifestyle, and NO to underage drinking!