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The Best Pumpkin Decorations from ‘Round the Web

Don’t go out and buy one of those pumpkin carving kits with ordinary paper stencils just yet! We browsed the web for the coolest pumpkin decorations and found many that don’t even call for a knife incision in your pumpkin patch friend. Here are some pictures to get your imagination warmed up for some spooky creativity of your own!

Detailed, abstract carving catches your attention way more than triangle eyes and a gaping grin!

Detailed, abstract carving catches attention way more than plain old squinting eyes and a gaping grin. Photo by:

Who says Halloween has to be dark and scary? This pink piggy is too cute to say no to! Photo by:

halloween pumpkins

Celebrate the Day of The Dead with colorful painted faces. Photo by:


Hungry for a Halloweenie hotdog? Photo by:


This precious kitten carving would look purrrrfect on your doorstep. Photo by:

gold pumpkins

All you need is some spray paint and stencils to make this glam display for inside or outside your home. Photo by:

collage pumpkin

Get out some magazines, glue and glitter to make a truly unique collage of your own. Photo by:

lollipops pumpkin

Impress trick-or-treaters or party guests with this fun display of treats. Photo by:

pumpkin boat

Or, of course, you could always just carve yourself a pumpkin boat and paddle away for the whole Halloween weekend! How fun! Photo by: