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The Teachers Have Spoken!

As we announced back in March, for the third year running, we collaborated with our friends at Scholastic to bring the Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix to students across the nation.

30,000 5th-7th grade health teachers nationwide, have received these materials designed to help them jumpstart these important conversations with students and their parent during April Alcohol Awareness Month.

We are glad to report that the teachers’ feedback has been very positive and this encourages us to keep providing our nation’s teachers with the best resources available to the best of our capabilities.

Kimberly Dunn from DR NH Jones Elementary School used the material during April, and she believed the material was very well received by her students who “related to Aly Raisman”. The material also “reminded the students that a healthy lifestyle will help them achieve their goals in life and that drinking will complicate things”.

Paulette Chung and from Springhill Lake Elementary School used the material both in March and April. Her students have enjoyed the material.  “They were very curious, and at times enlightened.” Paulette also mentioned that the activities in the material help spark conversations and debates amongst the students.

Luan Meeks from Shawnee R-3 in Missouri used the material “during counseling classes” with 5ththrough 8th grade students. She says that “the material definitely helped start conversations about underage drinking” and that it was” great to listen to 8th graders explain to 5th graders how dumb it is to drink”.

We appreciate everyone’s feedback, and we are thrilled that the Ask Listen Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix program has been well received by teachers across the nation. We are already looking forward to April 2014 and we hope teachers, parents and kids will continue the conversation regarding underage drinking until then!