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Top 5 Fitness Tips for Kids – How to Keep your Children Healthy and Active

While it can seem like a challenge to keep your kids healthy and active, once kids learn the joy of staying active, it really does get easier! Here are 5 simple ways to get that process started!

1. Keep it fun

There’s a reason why Little Leaguers are so prevalent but Little Gymmers are so rare – team sports not only offer kids a structured way to stay healthy and active, but also offer a social, fun experience. However, it doesn’t have to be team-oriented to be fun. Surfing, skiing, bike riding are all enjoyable, challenging activities that your kid will want to do. If staying active is a consequence of your kid’s favorite activities rather than a requirement for them, he’ll be much more likely to follow it consistently.

2. Set goals

Another strategy is to set clearly defined goals for physical activity. If kids can observe themselves progressing in skill and ability at a sport or activity, they’ll be much more likely to continue. Pitch faster, shoot better, run faster! If they improve at the sport, they’ll be invested in playing!

3. Reward accomplishments

And don’t forget to reward them when they meet their goals. This helps give their goals meaning, and reinforces the pursuit of an active lifestyle!

4. Keep it varied

As much as possible, try to expose your kid to different activities. There are some physical activities that not many kids get to try, but which can be a lot of fun. Try canoeing! Try kayaking! Try surfing! If you know many different ways to maintain an active lifestyle, it becomes a lot easier to do!

5. Embrace the small stuff!

While it’s certainly an option, you don’t have to join a sports league or go on kayaking expeditions to stay active. A lot of little things that you can do every day will emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Go for a walk, do some gardening, embrace play-time! Every “little thing” you do helps form positive habits that will help your kid lead a healthy lifestyle!