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Zero Regrets Tour Comes To Washington DC

This book tour with Apolo Ohno has been an exciting chance for people to understand a little bit better why Apolo Ohno is working with us. He believes as we do that middle school is an important time for kids, a time when they start to find the path that will take them to adulthood.

Apolo found that path, and it took him to eight Olympic medals. And we’re always happy when he can tell kids how perilous and important that path was.

We met up with Apolo yesterday in Washington DC, at a stop for his book tour in Dupont Circle. As he arrived, there was already a large line of people eager for a chance to meet him. He answered a few questions about his career, signed dozens of books, and took photos with his fans.

After Dupont, Apolo headed down to Richmond for another signing where he met countless fans and had another successful signing. Apolo now heads to North Carolina today. We’ll be with him in Atlanta, GA on Thursday, and from there, a possible West Coast book tour. Stay tuned!