12 Experts: Conversations with Your Tween

I’ve been a mom for the last 24 years this month. With four kids, I’ve seen everything from potty training to first apartments. With my kids one of the most difficult ages has been the tween years. Hormones are raging, boundaries are pushed, and peer approval becomes more important than ever before.

Don’t wait until middle school to start talking to your children about underage drinking. They are still open what you say, so make sure to have those conversations.

I asked some of my blogging friends who are all experienced parents for their best advice for talking to middle-school kids about peer pressure and those awkward conversations about alcohol. Here are some of their best tips.


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Nicole Brady

Kathy Sandler


Kathy continued, “Most everything else was received a “Yes,” with conditions. If those conditions weren’t met…be where you say you are, be home on time, call me, be honest with me…that activity went on the automatic No List for that child.

Most important hard and fast rule: Be honest with me and we can deal with anything. Lie to me and all bets are off. The hard part is putting your anger, disappointment, or disapproval of the truth telling aside and focusing on the fact they did exactly what you asked of them.”

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Alexandra Williams

I loved hearing from other parents about what they did to help create confident middle schoolers. If you are raising a child through this time of great changes keep talking and listening, and enjoy the ride.


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