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Lex Gillette

Superstar Lex Gillette

Lex’s inspirational story will have you ready to take on the world. Check out his story and how he talks to kids about the importance of dreaming big.

Erin Hamlin

Superstar Erin Hamlin

Olympic medalist and Classroom Champions Athlete Mentor Erin Hamlin talks about her experience setting goals and helping kids realize their potential. Also, check out her cover feature on Scholastic here!

April Holmes

Superstar April Holmes

Classroom Champions Athlete Mentor Paralympic medalist April Holmes talks about peer pressure and her experience saying NO to underage drinking in her interview with us on her Superstar page!

Christian Taylor

Superstar Christian Taylor

Classroom Champions Athlete Mentor and Olympic gold medalist Christian Taylor explains how much he sacrificed to get where he is today. Check out his inspirational story here!

Taylor Ritzel

Superstar Taylor Ritzel

Taylor Ritzel talks about her experience saying YES to a healthy lifestyle in her interview with us on her Superstar page!

The Partnership

We partner with Classroom Champions because we know that it helps to build strong relationships, like with their Athlete Mentors, to make an impact on a kid’s decision to drink, or not to drink alcohol underage.  Programs like Classroom Champions give kids the chance to believe in themselves and become confident decision makers later in life.




Lex Gillette: Great foods make you feel great

Erin Hamlin: Live a healthy lifestyle

April Holmes: Make the healthy choices

Christian Taylor: Help your body perform at it’s best

Taylor Ritzel: You have control over your healthy choices

An Introduction to Classroom Champions Healthy Lifestyle Lessons!

Healthy Lifestyle Lessons from Erison Hurtault of Dominica!

Healthy Lifestyle Lessons from Danielle Beaubrun of St. Lucia!

Healthy Lifestyle Lessons from Kurt Felix of Grenada!

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