20 Things To Do With Your Kids During Summer Break   

Summer has arrived at last! As part of Ask, Listen, Learn‘s 20th anniversary celebration, we want to challenge you to #Take20withKids while school is out! To help with that, here are 20 fun summer activities to do that are also great opportunities to start conversations around healthy decision making and empowering kids to say “YES” to a healthy lifestyle and “NO” to underage drinking! 

20 things to do with your kids during summer break: 

  1. Play some catch 🏈 and take 20 minutes to talk about planning and making strategies for success. 
  1. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!! There is no better summer dessert, so head out to your local ice cream shop for a quick treat or try making it at home. 🍦If you get brain freeze, this is a great conversation starter to talk about the effects of alcohol and cannabis on the developing brain. 
  1. Splash around in your local swimming pool—or with the garden hose! 🏊 
  1. Volunteer in your neighborhood by picking up trash or helping at your local animal shelter. 💬 
  1. Go for a hike along your local hiking trails or in your neighborhood, or even up and down the street. 👣 
  1. Take your kids to your local museum. If they have a human body exhibit, you can use this as an opportunity to talk about how alcohol affects the development of their brain. 🔬 
  1. Nature spotting outdoors. How many different animals and bugs can you find? 🐸 
  1. Make a meal together and use this as an opportunity to talk to your kids about making healthy choices. 🍳 
  1. Go on a scavenger hunt around your community. Can you find 20 different things? 🤓 
  1. Backyard star gazing. Can you find and name any constellations? 🔭 
  1. Summer backyard sleepover. It’s still camping even if you can go home anytime, right? ⛺ 
  1. Go🎣 fishing! Even if you don’t catch anything. 
  1. Have a mini golf night. ⛳Go find a course or even DIY your own backyard mini golf course. 
  1. Family game night. 🎲 Can someone say charades? This is a great chance to model good decision making and encourage creativity.  
  1. Take 20 seconds to write a letter to a loved one together to tell them about making healthy choices. 💌 
  1. Get your heart pumping by going for a family bike ride. 🚲See how much distance you can cover. Can you make it to 20 miles? 
  1. Take a trip to your local library, bonus challenge- can your family read 20 books this summer? 📖 
  1. Stretch and relax with 20 minutes of yoga.🤸 
  1. Take 20 minutes to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine! 🌞 
  1. Finally, #Take20withKids and tell us about it by posting on social media and tagging Ask, Listen, Learn using the hashtag #Take20withKids. 👌 

These activities are opportunities to start conversations around healthy decision making and reflect on both individual and family values. We hope that you are inspired by this list—what would you add?  Tell us about it on social media by tagging Ask, Listen, Learn and using the hashtag #Take20withKids

Have a fun summer! 

-The Ask, Listen, Learn Team