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25 Easy Activities to Keep Your Kids Active

Have a fun challenge with your kids and see how many of these fun activities you can do in the month of October!

1. Swimming

Try out kickboards and noodles in the indoor pool when summer is over

2. Biking

If your child is too small to bike on their own, attach a hitched bike to the back of yours and have them peddle

3. Go on a nature hike

See how many species of leaves or insects you can find

4. Soccer

Make an imaginary goal between two trees

5. Football

Get off the couch and take your kids outside to pass the ball at halftime during Sunday and Monday games

6. Basketball

How many baskets can your kids make in a minute?

7. Ice skating

See if there’s a discount night at your local rink

8. Take a walk around the neighborhood

Wave to your neighbors

9. Wash the car

Scrub those wheels till they’re shiny!

10. Walk to the bus stop

It will get blood flowing to their brains before school

11. Rake leaves

Then jump in the big leaf pile!

12. Climb a tree

How long can your kids hang like monkeys?

13. Flashlight tag

Always fun, but make sure they stay close to home!

14. Roller Rink

Hold on to each other as you skate to all your favorite jams

15. Batting cage

T-Ball or Babe Ruth style

16. Take your dog for a walk (or borrow a neighbors’!)

He’ll be happy for the attention and you’ll get some fresh air too

17. Putt-putt  golf

Who can make a hole-in-one?

18. Lazer Tag

The kids will definitely get their hearts racing with this one!

19. Jump on a trampoline

Fun full-body workout for everyone

20. Set up an obstacle course

Use outdoor furniture, trees, balls, jump ropes, anything you can find!

21. Teach your kids the classics

Red Rover, Mother May I, Simon Says, Hopscotch…

22. Fly a Kite

Don’t let it get away!

23. Clean your home together

Vacuuming, dusting and scrubbing will work their little muscles, and have your house looking great!

24. Build a fort

Indoors or outdoors, and have a secret handshake to get in

25. Just Dance!

Turn the music up as loud as you can and everyone can bust a move!