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Washington Freedom Marches On!

Saturday, September 11th, we were at the Washington Freedom Game supporting the team and also handing out great giveaways to the kids as they entered the stadium. We were very excited to see so many young individuals come out to support the women and also learn more about our Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix program.

While our team had a great time at the game, the evening was full of stress for Washington Freedom. In their final home game of the 2010 WPS regular season everything was on the line. Over 3,000 fans watched as the women battled and defeated Atlanta Beat in a close 1-0 match in the final minutes of the game.

We would like to congratulate the women of Washington Freedom as their 1-0 win puts Freedom in fourth place, and gives them a place in the WPS playoffs which kick of next Sunday. At our website you can read more about some of the stars of the Washington Freedom Team and even download wallpapers and other materials in support of the team. Also, why not join the team? Sign up to become part of the Ask, Listen, Learn team today!