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A rave review of the Ask, Listen, Learn game

The role technology plays in education is constantly evolving as educators and school administrators understand that the key to reaching students is to make learning engaging.  The Ask, Listen ,Learn (ALL) interactive game created by The Century Council blends keeping students physically active while learning valuable information about underage drinking, healthy eating and the importance of physical activity.  Physical activity brings oxygen to the brain and increases students’ focus and attention.

Blending technology and physical activity can only be a win-win in capturing students’ interest. The ALL game is being used by many physical education and health education teachers throughout the State of Nevada, and the feedback has been great both in using this in the classroom and in after-school settings. Students naturally gravitate toward anything technology related as they most often want to learn by doing, not by watching. The ALL game involves the student in learning and provides a constant challenge, not to mention the health benefits it provides.


Engaging students is the key to making students want to learn: thank you to The Century Council for providing a technology tool that both teaches and involves students in the learning process!


Hayden Ross

Program Facilitator, Clark County School District (CCSD) School-Community Partnership Program