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Remmi Smith: Role models live healthy lifestyles

Saying “no” to underage drinking is part of leading a healthy lifestyle. I know this seems pretty simple but the happiest people are people who live a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle to me is fueling my body with healthy foods, exercise, and a lot of happy moments.

I feel pretty lucky that I love food-really love food-and I love the foods that are good for you. I love food so much I want to be in the kitchen all of the time experimenting with different recipes and ingredients. I also enjoy fun food facts so I also read a lot about food and food history. Did you know the ancient Greeks awarded celery to the winners of sports events? Lollipops were invented by George Smith in 1908 and he named them after a racehorse called Lolly Pop? Eating is something you have to do……so why not have some fun with it!  I want to encourage kids to get in the kitchen and have some fun. Learning how to cook will also improve your nutrition.

The Ask.Listen.Learn program encourages healthy lifestyles and has gotten a lot of top athletes to be role models for the program. These athlete role models have and are living a healthy lifestyle or they wouldn’t be the success they are. As a young person, finding a role model who has achieved what you want to achieve is a great way to focus on your dream. All kids have dreams and there is no reason to wait on anything to achieve your dream. Role models are successful people who started with a dream. And, the people that I consider role models are happy people who have and are living a healthy lifestyle.

I want to encourage kids to dream big and make good decisions. Life is full of choices and underage drinking is not a good choice.