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A trip to Aly Raisman’s alma mater!

Today, Ask Listen Learn traveled through some snow to Pollard Middle School in Needham, Massachusetts— Aly Raisman’s hometown! The excited 7th and 8th graders were all too happy to host Aly, making four signs welcoming her back to her home middle school. We had a great time at Pollard, and we know that it was one of Aly’s favorite events yet because she got to head back to her home town and see some old teachers.

They loved hearing her stories about how she achieved her goals, and her dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Aly also chatted with the students about how her two coaches were like second parents to her. She mentioned that they have always encouraged her to choose a healthy lifestyle, and that her friends and peers would respect her even more for it. Well, Aly, it certainly showed in the London Olympics, and we can’t wait to see you in Rio!

You know what else we love? We love when enthusiastic middle schoolers ask Aly fun questions (and she does, too!), and this Ask Listen Learn event was no exception. Aly gave tips on how to stay flexible, revealed her favorite color is pink, and that she is very excited to be a contestant on Dancing With the Stars.

Also supporting Ask Listen Learn was Kate Foster from Congressman Joe Kennedy’s office. Even though Congressman Kennedy was unable to join us himself, Ms. Foster read a special letter from Mr. Kennedy to the students of Pollard.  He talked about his own experience with peer pressure, especially on the lacrosse field, and encouraged the 7th and 8th graders to stay healthy and to take care of each other.

Thanks again to Pollard for an energetic day!