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And the winners are…

The 3 “Live like a Superstar” winners of our $100 Amazon gift cards are…


Brooke Allen: Plays lacrosse and field hockey and makes good choices.

Natalie Flanders: Started a Girl Talk chapter at her middle school so she could help other girls make good decisions, and is now on the Girl Talk national teen advisory board. She also started a club at her high school called ‘Redefining Beautiful’, where girls go without make up once a week to support inner beauty and self-esteem. Natalie also volunteers for the Special Olympics and always keeps up with her school work!

Carolyn Davison: Helps her kids live like Superstars by preparing a healthy family meal every night. They discuss school and current events at the dinner table to nourish their minds and bodies and never miss a chance to play outside!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered this drawing! Please stay tuned for future posts and contests, and keep up the great work of living a life like a Superstar!

Photo: Kids