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App Update!

Hey there, Team! You all know how great the ALL Interactive Game is, right!? We think it’s awesome and happy to have shared it with so many of you across the country. Not to share too much, but we have been working on very cool things that will be able to go along with fun ALL Activity and one of those is app for mobile devices!

We’ve told you before about how we’ve been working with some amazing students in the Computer Game Design Program at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Those students have been working hard this year to do the coding, graphics, artwork, design, level development and a ton of other things that go into creating amazing games. They are doing an wonderful job of creating a platform where you can have fun but also learn to say ‘Yes’ to a healthy lifestyle and ‘No’ to underage drinking.


We won’t have anything playable to share until later this year, but as a special Alcohol Awareness Month sneak peek, we thought we’d share this graphic from the many levels Dizzy Dash! Don’t forget to keep following us for more updates.