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Catch Aly on NBC tomorrow and #JointheConvo

Alcohol Awareness Month is a perfect reminder for parents about the influence they have on their kids decisions to drink or not to drink.  82% of parents think it is extremely important to have early conversations about alcohol as a way to combat peer pressure and delay potential experimentation.  Lynn and Rick Raisman understand the importance of this message and have taught all of their kids to make healthy decisions which includes eating right, exercising and saying NO to alcohol.  In a recent Satellite Media Tour, Lynn reminded parents “This doesn’t have to be a big serious sit down discussion, use everyday events to remind your kids to say NO to alcohol.”  Lynn, we couldn’t agree more!

Parents, teachers, and caregivers, we urge you to use Alcohol Awareness Month as a reminder of the importance of these conversations.  Mere minutes can make a real impact in your community.

Gold Medal Gymnast Aly Raisman, and her parents Lynn and Rick have teamed up with Ask, Listen, Learn to encourage parents to take the first step to initiate the discussion with their kids about the dangers of underage drinking and the rewards of living a healthy lifestyle. Check out a Q&A with Lynn and Rick here and also catch a PSA including the entire family during theProgressive Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular on NBC Sunday afternoon between 4-6pm EST. You can share this spot with your kids to jumpstart the conversation today!