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April is Alcohol Responsibility Month!

Responsibility means something different to each person, down to the very reason they are inspired to get up in the morning. The person to your right needs to get their kids up for school, the person to your left has a boss to report to, and the person behind you has an extremely passionate dog who waits patiently for them to come home every single night.

Alcohol #Responsibility, though, can take on another meaning. Or does it? With each responsibility you have to another human, career, or even animal – you must think of the repercussions of irresponsible behavior – like binge drinking, drunk driving or not talking to your kids about the dangers of underage drinking.

April is Alcohol #Responsibility Month and we’re urging you to look around at all the responsibilities that fill your day, your thoughts and motivate your actions. What can you do to pass that responsibility to the ones you love, work and care for?

Let’s use April as a reason to inspire change. We encourage you to have a conversation: talk to your kids, your peers, your neighbor, your friend, or even your pet (they sometimes are the best listeners) – about why you believe in being responsible with alcohol and what sort of ripple effects a bad decision can have.

Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix is the most widely-distributed alcohol education program, having reached over 20 Million parents, kids and educators about saying YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking since it began in 2003.

Empowering kids to make smart, healthy decisions starts not only in April but continues all year round, by showing them that anything is possible. We recently partnered with Classroom Champions, which brings Olympians, Paralympians and Olympic/Paralympic games hopefuls (Athlete Mentors) into the classroom using videos and live chats. Based around the idea that setting a goal and accomplishing it comes with hard work, resilience and perseverance and being confident in your decision to say NO to peer pressure – because doing things you know are bad for you will only hurt your chances of reaching your dreams.

Want to be an Olympian? Better start training! Want to be an artist? Pick up your brush!

The possibility of impacting a kid’s life for the better by believing in him or her to succeed, is a powerful force that we hope to infuse throughout the month of April by giving parents and educators the tools to help them inform and educate their kids about the dangers of underage drinking and ways to avoid risky behavior.

We can’t wait to hear from you: the parents, the educators, the kids – about what saying YES to a healthy lifestyle, both inside and out, really means to you. Tweet us @AskListenLearn or make sure to follow us on Instagram @Ask_Listen_Learn for update all of April.

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